Leftover Turkey or Chicken Recipes from the Thai Kitchen

Do Something Refreshingly-Different with Your Leftovers!

After a big holiday meal – or anytime you have roast turkey or chicken – there are always a lot of leftovers. So why not do something refreshing different with them and make up one of these delicious and nutritious Thai dishes? From soup and salad to fresh rolls and curry, you’ll find a variety of recipes to use up those turkey or chicken leftovers in surprisingly new and scrumptious ways. Enjoy!

1. Thai Chicken/Turkey Noodle Soup (with rice noodles)

Chicken Noodle SoupD.Schmidt
If you have leftover chicken or turkey, you’ll want to try this fantastic chicken noodle soup recipe from the Thai kitchen! If you like chicken noodle soup, you’ll love this fragrant version of a universal classic. Made with rice noodles instead of wheat, this chicken noodle recipe is lighter in calories, gluten free, and also much healthier than your typical chicken noodle soup – it’s also far more delicious! Great if you’re fighting off a cold or flu bug, or anytime you want a bowl of comfort – whether for the body or the soul. Also a great way to use turkey or chicken bones. Enjoy!
Tom Ka Gai Soupby Darlene A. Schmidt
This simple Thai chicken soup has that distinctive Thai flavor – a balance of spicy, salty, sweet and sour. A great way to use up leftover chicken or turkey (including the bones). You will especially welcome this soup’s warmth during the winter, when it can also provide you with added health benefits, helping to ward off the cold or flu. Tom Ka Kai can either be served as an appetizer or as the star player (noodles can be added if you’re planning to make this soup as a main entree). So sip, slurp, and enjoy!

3. Chicken/Turkey Dumpling Soup (Thai-style Wonton soup)

Chicken Dumpling SoupD.Schmidt
This soup recipe is like wonton soup, but made with chicken or turkey. The dumplings are easily put together using wonton wrappers from your local deli. A variety of nutritious vegetables are then added to a chicken-lemongrass broth together with nutritious vegetables. This easy immune-boosting dumpling soup makes a perfect cold or flu remedy. It goes down easier than cough syrup, and is much better for you too!

4. Thai Chicken/Turkey and Rice Soup

Chicken and Rice SoupD.Schmidt
This soup is “comfort in a bowl”, and is especially welcoming if you’ve had a long day or are fighting a cold or flu bug. Homemade soup is easy to make and tastes SO much better than canned – it’s also much healthier. This Thai chicken (or turkey) and rice soup is extra healthy and delicious, since it includes fresh herbs and spices as well as vegetables. Lime juice and coconut milk give it its very special Thai taste. Use leftover roast chicken (or turkey), or cook the chicken from scratch. Also a great way to use up leftover rice. ENJOY!

5. Thai Chicken/Turkey Noodle Soup (with wheat/egg noodles)

Chicken Noodle Soupby Darlene A. Schmidt
This Thai Chicken Noodle Soup with Lemongrass recipe is one of my all-time favorite soups. When the weather turns cooler, or if you’re in need of a bowl of comfort, this is the recipe you should reach for. Makes great use of leftover chicken or turkey. Enjoy!

6. Steamed Dumplings

Steamed DumplingsD.Schmidt
In Thailand the influence of Chinese food and culture can be found at every turn, and Chinese dumplings like these are enjoyed in Bangkok as well as other locales. Leftover roasted turkey or chicken works great for this recipe, and means easier dumpling preparation. Very yummy, and healthy too. ENJOY!

7. Beautiful Rose Petal Salad

Unique and sensuous – that’s the only way to describe this tantalizing Thai salad! Roses are one of the most luxurious and delicious of edible flowers, and they make this dish especially beautiful, not to mention very gourmet. At the same time, this is an easy salad to put together. Create culinary waves by serving it at your next dinner party, or take it to a potluck or cookout. Chicken, turkey, and/or shrimp provide adequate protein, while cucumber, spring onions, and fresh Thai herbs provide lots of greens. A great way to use up leftover roast chicken or turkey. Star fruit adds a final touch of flavor, texture, and beauty to this most exquisite of salad recipes!

8. Thai Fresh Spring Rolls (with Real Peanut Dipping Sauce)

Thai Fresh Rolls - a bouquet!by Darlene A. Schmidt
These fresh spring rolls are truly a refreshing change from regular spring rolls, and they’re also much healthier. Make up a “bouquet” today as an appetizer, snack, or part of a main course (served with a Thai salad, these rolls make a complete meal). Or make culinary waves by serving them at your next party or get-together. Also a great way to use up leftover chicken or turkey. Enjoy!
Thai Curry PastryD.Schmidt
Small pastries filled with curry are a common marketplace food in many Southeast-Asian countries. Try this Thai version which turns out very flakey – wonderful any time of day (my husband loves them for breakfast with his coffee!). Enjoy!

10. Easy Thai Fried Rice

Thai Chicken Fried RiceD.Schmidt
Thai Chicken Fried Rice is a tasty Thai dish. Both easy to cook and delicious, it’s always a popular choice both with kids and adults. For this fried rice recipe, you can either use fresh chicken, or leftover roasted chicken or turkey. Make it as spicy or mild as you like, according to how much fresh chili is added (see instructions). A super dish to eat on its own, or this fried rice recipe can also accompany other Thai food dishes. Enjoy!

11. Stuffed Chili Peppers

Stuffed Chili PeppersD.Schmidt
If you like spicy, you’ll love these hot red chili peppers! This fun recipe starts with an assortment of chili peppers which are anywhere from 2 – 4 inches long. Experiment with jalapeno, red peppers, or banana peppers (these are especially hot). Or, if you prefer a milder dish, try using small sweet peppers (these come in assorted colors). Stuffed with shrimp or leftover chicken/turkey plus Thai herbs, these peppers are then dipped in a simple batter and fried. Superb for an appetizer, or enjoy them with a Thai salad for a complete meal! As a bonus, these chilies can be stuffed ahead of time, then quickly fried when your guests arrive.
Source:  thaifood.about.com –  By , About.com Guide


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