Toasty EggPlant with Mint Ricotta

basil, eggplant, mint, olive oil, ricotta, roasted vegatables, snacks.

Mastering The Art Of Pigging Out - My Life In Food - John C. Picardi

I had this simple and easy treat in southern Italy.   It is a refreshing summer item that can be eaten before dinner or for a quick afternoon snack. –And not only that, its made with only few ingredients!
egg mint2eggggggg

The richness of the roasted eggplant is nicely off-set by the mint flavored ricotta. This is also great with a drizzle of olive oil.

This is how to do it:

Three small eggplants halved and lightly coated with olive oil, place them on a sheet pan and roast at 400  until brown and toasty. Cool down to room temp.

Chopped a small bunch of fresh mint and mix with 2 cups ricotta. Place small dollops of the mint ricotta on each eggplant half & drizzle with olive oil. The way to eat this is to scrap the eggplant out of it skin along with the ricotta. Discard the skin.
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